Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's nice to be nice.

A little tiff between my husband and I has reminded me that, despite the fact that I am usually right :D*, it never hurts to be nice. I sometimes lose sight of this fact and end up coming off a little harsher or less appreciative than I intend to. It's easy for me to take things for granted and let off a little steam without thinking. It's also easy for me to forget to give that gratitude and positive reinforcement that keeps us all going.
So, I'm remembering to be nice...until the time comes to not be nice. (Not really, but I couldn't resist quoting Road House, who can really?)

I've found many of the online venues I frequent to be "zones of niceness". It's really uplifting to see how much support and affirmation is being given online for individuals, businesses, what have you. Flickr, Facebook, Blogspot and Etsy are major "zones of niceness". There are always exceptions, of course, but I find it really life affirming how much niceness gets passed around on the internet, all things considered.
(It's much easier to be nice online though. You can delete and revise and people are usually much more thoughtful if something's being put into writing. Plus, my husband's not on any of these websites for me to interact with. He's in my house or on the phone. It would be good if I could be as nice in person as I am online.)

I was just put into another treasury by That70sShoppe; which makes the third time in as many weeks! That's quite nice.
My father and brother-in-law came and did a second installment on the renovation in my garage to make it a studio. Exciting! and very nice!
My sister, her husband, myself and my husband all helped each other out last night by exchanging babysitting so that Celena could go get a much deserved massage and Jack could pick her up without having to load up Max-o; and Bryan and I could go out to see a movie. It's very nice to know your baby is with people that literally treat them as though they were their own and are like a second set of parents.
I am really enjoying plugging away at my embroidered balls, being inspired by all kinds of things, even mail catalogs that would normally just get tossed. That's pretty nice.
Awhile ago, while I was still working a regular job, I realized that most casual, daily conversations amongst co-workers were just exchanges of complaints. I think it's really easy to fall into this pattern for most people. I'm trying to keep myself out of this habit though. There are so many things to be glad about, and the things that you do have to complain about are very rarely helped by said complaints, nor is the person hearing you complain helped in any way.
I know that venting has its place and, believe me, it is something I frequently do and consider healthy. Nonetheless, accentuating the positive seems, at times, to have become a bit of a lost art. So, I leave you with this: Oh, Bing!

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