Sunday, August 30, 2009


another example of my not-too-fresh attempts at things I see other people do on the internet!

So, this is an informal, in between blogge posts blogge post. I'm still fairly new to this game and don't have loads of time to sit and fiddle with things until I figure them out. I use a Mac computer and there are some things I would love to do on my blogge, but just don't know how. This is a cry for help concerning the following:

1) A lovely blog Lenox Knits gave me a lovely blog award. When I feebly attempt to get the award to show up on my page, I just get the actual html script as opposed to the nice little image. I do it on the add a gadget feature and copy link. That is not working. Tips?

2) Am I missing something big by only being able to see if people have commented on my posts by scrolling through them to see the little hypertext at the bottom? This lovely blog award was discovered late because of this, and I would think there would be a way to be notified if someone comments on a post. Is this the case and I'm just missing out?

3)I did the google alert thing, but find the emails cryptic and/or telling me that I've just posted something new, which I already know, so is, therefore, superfluous; leading me to ignore most google alert emails. What am I doing wrong?

4) I would really like to post links with pictures to other people's blogs and/or etsy pages etc. I get that there are some pics that aren't able to be used, but know there's a way. I found Lenox Knits because she was gracious enough to post a pic of one of my shoppe items along with a link to my store. When I try this (in my ineptitude) nothing happens. I am reduced to simple text links, which are not nearly as enticing.

I'm totally open to help/critiques from anyone out there. I recently changed my background in an effort to make my blogge easier to look at. Did it work? Or do you like the old format better? I'm not wild about the advert in the corner, but I like the background and it was a nice user-friendly and free site, so...

I feel like there are many tricks out there that I will never master, but these are some that I feel should be pretty basic, if only I weren't such a feeb. If you know of anything else that is uber-useful that I am not using, it's because I don't know about it. If you have the time, I would love to know of any tricks or jibbets or whathaveyou that have been useful to you other bloggers!

Thanks Thanks in advance and much love from my little corner!


  1. I like your new background and the only tip from this fellow feeb is that you should be able to change your blogger settings to get an e-mail when someone comments- I did, so it can't be that hard- I missed it the first time too. It will tell you when you comment yourself but it does everybody. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks Celena! I figured it out, just hadn't looked hard enough. One question down...

  3. I know there is probably another way but I usually copy and paste pictures of blog awards and other pictures when I want to use them. I then have to be sure to delete them from my hard drive but I don't know of any other way to do it. If I'm using a picture of someones work I will e-mail or convo them on Etsy to make sure that it's ok to use it and I always link back to their shop. Hope that helps.
    I like the new backdrop. I think it suits you. I'm glad my craft show posts have been helpful to you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and your sister!

  4. i think celena and lenox covered most of the stuff. if you want to link a picture, just highlight the picture and click the 'link' button in edit/new post mode. you'll be able to enter a url and it will make the picture a link. same goes for highlighting words or text.

    i REALLY like the background/changes you made to the blog....LOTS easier to read :)

    google alert emails are a bit cryptic, and they will show up when you post a new blog or sometimes when you list something new on etsy. not sure if you can set something to ignore your IP address so only alerts for your name coming from other sites shows up...will have to dig around a little.

  5. Thanks so much for all your input ladies! I really appreciate the feedback and advice. Now to go try this stuff out...