Thursday, August 13, 2009


So, I think I might have GERD, or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease. I'm attempting to drastically change my diet to see if I can control the symptoms (basically daily heartburn) before I go to a doctor so that HE can tell me I have GERD and I should change my diet.

I had no idea so many yummy things could be triggers for acid reflux! Sigh! Oh well, I've already lost a few pounds, which has always been a good thing for me, so there may be a silver lining in the end. My mother had to have some kind of procedure for this kind of thing because of damage to her esophagus (I'm blurry on the details, she's a pretty cagey individual), so I was on the alert when I realized I was having acid reflux so frequently.

I had it a lot while I was pregnant, that made sense, but 7.5 mos. later; that's something else entirely.

So, low fat, low spice, low sugar. We'll see what my "trigger foods" end up being over the next few weeks, and hopefully I'll be able to reclaim a few faves. Chocolate?! You've got to be kidding me!

In other news, I think I'm going to have to have Fridays be a second cleaning day in my weekly routine. Dicey has gotten way better at thwarting our efforts at getting fluff out of her mouth and I'm just going to have to keep this place way cleaner. Sigh.

I sometimes get time to work on crafts. I have been feeling very inspired and full of new fall ideas for the shoppe. I think I will call this post quits and go work on stuff!


  1. I'm excited about your fall inspiration and I hope the new diet works for you. Acid reflux is bad news- I hated when it would wake me in the night when I was pregnant.

  2. hey girly, i have full-blown GERD, have had it for the last 5 years, tho it's much better and under control now.

    if you go to the doc, they will put you on, most likely, protonix, which will reduce the amount of acid your stomach secretes. it will make you feel ALOT better.

    mine was so bad for awhile that all i could stomach was chocolate breakfast shakes (like slim fast in a can) and i slept sitting up in a chair for 6 months. triggers for me were xtra spicy fud, tomatoes, meat, and oddly, cheese.

    try eating very small snack-meals throughout the day instead of 3 regular meals and don't eat anything after 7pm. that will give your tummy a break, especially when you're lying down to sleep.

    you might want to bite the bullet and see the doc so they can rule out an ulcer, which can sometimes be caused by a bacteria and will need to be treated with antibiotics as it can be passed from person to person thru food, utensils, etc. basically you just tell them your symptoms and they will prescribe something for you. you may have to have a blood test or a fecal-occult blood test (sorry, gross) which is way less of a big deal than it sounds.

    feel free to email me or convo via etsy if you want...because i know exactly how your tummy is feeling.