Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, the second week into my "big plans" is going fairly well. Admittedly, the baby in my life ensures that my goals for each day are much easier to get started on that to actually finish; but slow progress is still progress! I have felt more in control and less overwhelmed by all the things I want to get done. Will probably have to tweak as I get more and more into a rhythm, but you have to start somewhere!

Have been inspired by my progress in a few different ways recently; it's amazing how just getting started on something can be such a motivator in and of itself. There is much to be said for momentum!

Just filled out my application today for the Cherrywood Art Fair. `Fingers crossed` I will be accepted because I am all geared up and excited about making sure I have a large enough stockpile of merchandise for a two day show! I recently bought some new yarns for my ball ornaments, but just had them jumbled together, so getting a nice big tub for this particular craft's makings was really fun and fortifying for my notions of having a lovely pile of finished balls.
I'm totally inspired by looking at the colored yarns next to each other and imagining what variations I can come up with next!

It is a little daunting to invest so much time/money/energy with no "payoff" as of yet; but I love making things and am confident that it will all be worthwhile ultimately. I have had some lovely feedback and interest shown in my items; slow and steady will eventually win the race, I'm sure!

Also was included in another treasury with a "Lush Lavender" theme. Having this kind of affirmation really gives me a little jolt of creative energy to keep making pretty things! Thanks chrysbonnaylewis!

If all that wasn't motivation enough, finally "broke ground" (or more accurately: "broke wall") on the project of renovating my garage into a glorious family art studio! It is trying at times to be patient for this much anticipated metamorphoses to hurry up and happen. I have to remind myself to be patient though, as my father and brother-in-law are being so generous to give freely of their time and talents. Verrrrry excited to at least have some progress though! Oh, the lovelies I'll be able to make then...

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  1. your lady looks glorious in that treasure- she really pulls focus. Glad that you feel fortified and inspired :)