Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Squash Vine Borers are Guh-ross! Plus musing about art.

So, my pumpkin plant got infested with squash vine borers; which are basically giant maggots that eat out the inside of squash vines (hence the name).  I read up on how to deal with them in the hopes that I don't have to give up totally on trying to grow a pumpkin this year.  You have to go in and incise the vine and get the worms out and burn them and any plant you have to cut off, burn that too.  Then you cover the cut parts with dirt/compost.  I did that and am hoping that the narsty task was not in vain.

Just heard that Pina Bausch died.  Pretty bummed about it.  Michael was bad enough, but Pina (an unfortunately not widely known genius of choreography, modern dance and theatre) too?  There has been a significant loss to the creative, artsy world and I'm taking it as motivation to create more.  

As an artist, it took me awhile to get into making things unless I had a specific reason, like a grade or a present for someone.  I finally understood that I consider it an artist's duty to put as much beauty into this world as they are able to.  When I think about how inspired I was growing up by just being exposed to art in various forms, seeing what compelling, appealing things had been created by other people, I get really excited about how art begets art.

I feel like several things have happened recently that have been making it obvious to me that, as an artist, I need to seek out other artists, for camaraderie, support, collaboration, inspiration, wisdom etc.  I recently had a craft night at my place and was warmed by having my good friend Janice there, seeing her pursue her own art completely without pretense, asking for help from her artist boyfriend when she comes up against something he's better at, being totally open about admiring someone else's work without the trappings of competitiveness, jealousy or territorial behaviors that so many artists end up with.  She and another friend, Lucy are like guileless art nymphs that make the world a much better place.
I've also been entering into collaboration with my sister, celenajustine on a booth for an art show this winter.  It's always exciting to work with her and I think it's something we have (understandably) been missing out on until now.  
Celena and I both have been getting many loving tips and critiques and advice from the wonderful and gifted KatinkaPinka, who has been kind enough to take us under her "Etsy wing".
I recently convo-ed a fellow Etsy seller, Waterrose and ended up learning a good deal about her that was not obvious upon first impression.  She turned out to be a really interesting person and the exchange reminded me just how special a person it takes to give your time and yourself to making beauty.  
All this has reminded me to never forget just how much one can learn from those around us and that we need to support each other's efforts as much as possible.

It's natural to be cage-y/competitive/guarded about yr own art/inspirado, but I think artists need to realize that working together and sharing will only "grow our market" (within reason of course).  There should be more art salons...there should be "art-ins".  Who's up for another craft night at my place?  Let's make stuff!  I just keep hearing my mother's (an art teacher) words: "this is the only class where you are encouraged to look at each other's work.  If it's better than yours, learn from it.  If it's worse, feel better about your own."

This, of course, is always easier when it's an artist that isn't making the same things you make! :D*