Monday, November 15, 2010

We're Stuffed!

We always have plenty on our plates (so to speak) but are loving taking the extra time to set up productive play dates with a fellow stay at home mom to create personalized holiday tees for the kiddos.

For our Thanksgiving project, I will admit, I saw the words "I'm stuffed" on a onesie for baby's first Thanksgiving, so it is not an original idea. What is original is that we decided it would be extra cute to combine the words with a handprint turkey. (Isn't any handprint project extra cute?)

I did two matching ones for Dicey and her little cousin. I picked brown because there were very few color choices in the infant sizes of blank onesies/shirts and I wanted she and Dicey to match, so it was the one I could find in both their sizes that was Thanksgiving-y. It was a little bit of a hard choice because one typically does a handprint turkey with brown paint. I chose grey as the base color for the turkey's body, as I was going for a somewhat realistic turkey look.

The other moms had lime green and dark purple tees, so they went with the colors that worked for them. It was really fun to see how different they all were and what individual character the actual handprints imparted to the little turkeys. We used acrylic paint (some in squeezy bottles) handpainted and stamped. We used the top of an exclamation point to make a feather shape to fill in between the fingers. One of the moms husbands was over and helped watch all the kids play. Everyone had a great time and now we also have cute shirts for the holiday!