Thursday, August 27, 2009


For those of you who don't know me well enough, I have a bit of an Auntie Mame complex. I yearn for the dramatic silhouettes and fancy accessories of yesteryear. Hence, my recent craftings:

There are those among us who do an admirable job of putting flair back into current ensembles. My lovely friend katinkapinka is a soldier of fanciness. In person, she is her own best advertisement, making everyone around her wonder: "Why don't I wear feathers regularly?".

I have stumbled across fellow fancians on Etsy of course. A few of my most recent faves are: jenniferloiselle for her wonderful headbands, threehorses' fantastic fringe neckpieces, and terrygraziano for her versatile and stylish hats!

Now you will appreciate even more what I am about to tell you.

The other day, I walked into my living room (as if it were any other day) when, much to my surprise, a special catalogue the likes of which I've never seen, was laid upon my couch; as if waiting there just for me. I speak to you of ASHRO. This is a clothing/accessories catalog/website that is marketed to an ethnic or african-american demographic. These silhouettes I've been mourning the loss of were not ever actually lost, at least not completely. ASHRO has shown me that even though my personal demographic has seemingly forgotten how wonderful fashion can be, not everyone has!

This is just a sampling of notable looks:



Fur Capelet






They also have pretty shoes in larger sizes! Most of their styles go up to size 12! Usually, by the time you get to 11, you're reduced to choosing between sneakers or house shoes! The Lacy T-Straps are my fave, but I give an honorable mention to the Rose Kitten Heels for whimsy.

This catalogue of wonders also carries lovely wigs. I adore wigs. I used to be the wig mistress for my high school drama dept. These are a nice quality and have the bonus of particularly fetching names, such as: Fabulous Stacey, Marvelous Justine, Lady Paulette, Spikey Agnes, Queen Heena, Funky Constance, Blissful Crystal and, my favorite, Tender Lois.

Kudos to this publication and the women who shoppe it!

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  1. you should write about fashion more often- you're quite charming and witty about it. Tender Lois is priceless and I'm eagerly awaiting your first ASHRO purchase. I want help with my wardrobe so I can be fancier- can I still be comfy?

  2. thanks, so am I, sure thing and yes. (not pajama comfy tho!)