Thursday, April 9, 2009

um.. okay.

So Easter is swiftly upon us and I have posted all Easter eggs I could muster in time for this year.  Am contemplating what direction I should point shop towards.  It seems that people who do well have a more focused in merchandise selection.  I do not see this happening for me anytime soon.  There are so many things I like to make and I don't have a studio space set up yet, so my creative inklings are somewhat erratic and whimsical.  In addition to all this, my darling 3 month old daughter throws tiney wrenches wherever she feels like into my day and creative process.  
I was very excited today to find that my eggs were featured in two blogs of persons formerly unknown to me!
So, my thoughts right now are that whatever season is around the bend is pretty much going to motivate what you will find in the shoppe; we'll see what happens!  Thanks for reading!

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