Thursday, April 23, 2009

belated blogge

I've been meaning to post about my happy anniversary, but, here it is, a full week later and I'm just now getting to it.  So, reader, I hope you will accept my stale tale, it is a cheerful one.
This year was Bry's and my 4 yr wedding anniversary, theme: Fruit and Flowers!  I think more years should get this as the theme, it works beautifully!
It was a day of simple pleasures; taking care of our DD being the priority.  I wore my fancy earrings made by the lovely KatinkaPinka ( we got some stuff done.  We decided to order in and just enjoy our day together.  Bashful Bry bought many fru-its from the grocery and forgot to buy fleurs.  I already had some left over from Easter though, so I didn't mind in the least.  Fruit was better anyway.  He bought a box of cuties, some blackberries, strawberries, apples and kiwis!  He scheduled a massage for me and took us to Lowe's where we got a new fixture for our living room 

complete with new, more fashionable pulls!  Well, anything would be more fashionable than the piece of string that has been there since we moved in.

We also bumped into an old acquaintance of mine who tipped us off about some neglected perennials that were being marked down to $1-$3!  So, I got fleurs after all, and these are ones I can plant and enjoy long term!  We got zinnias and lantana.  I planted my lantana and they swiftly changed color!  Instead of yellow and orange they are now yellow and hot pink!  That's exciting.  The weather was nice and we spent some time in the front yard.  I learned that my jasmine vine is a Confederate jasmine.  Bryan also got us an ice cream cake because I wanted something fancy for dessert.  We had fajitas.  The Bears had some fruit flowers sent to us as well!  They were so fun and came with chocolate covered bananas and a pretty little white urn that I get to keep!  
This Spring with my new baby girl and lovely husband and it being the first time I'm getting to be at home for the season is all very exciting and inspiring for me.  I'm obsessed with doing what little I can in my yard and my shoppe.  I have started an embroidery line of botanicals that I'm pretty excited about and I transplanted my irises to their new spot!  Is Spring Fever and bad thing or a get busy, bustling, happy, cheerfulness?  If it's that second one, I've got it.

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  1. I think it usually applies to kids in school who are tired of being cooped up inside and want to run and play instead- so it's a good thing.