Saturday, April 11, 2009

Here comes Peter Cottontail...

I'm very excited for Easter this year.  Having a baby around makes everything more special than it was before.  She's still very young, of course, but it is her very first Easter.  It's also her cousin Max's first too!  The weather is so nice and all the flowers are blooming.
My husband gifted me with what I believe is a small azalea, which I dearly hope with flourish.  

My purple irises finally bloomed too (my white ones came and went much earlier).  I love the little zebra stripes on them, they've always made me think of my mother, but now they also make me think of dear Kaite-y.  

One of my new little trees that we got free from the City finally decided to show its leaves.  I don't know what it is though.  Maybe someone out there does?

So, the Austin family is getting together tomorrow at my home, and I'm excitedly preparing to have a very nice day.
Dorothy's local Grandmother (my mother) bought her a fancy Easter dress.  I asked her to buy a dress because I knew she would enjoy it; I didn't really see the need for a 3.5 mo. old baby to have a fancy dress myself, but why not?  Once Easter came closer, however, I found myself suddenly consumed with the desire to accessorize said frock. So, I used one of my select few outings with the whole family to have my husband take me to Babies R Us so that I could complete her "look".  I found some charming silver sandals that were small enough and, though I didn't think I would ever purchase one, a frilly headband of the variety they make for babies without much hair.  It bothers me when people feel the need to stick bows on their little girls' heads to make sure everyone knows they're girls, or for just everyday purposes. 
This time, though, was a fancy dress occasion.  I reasoned to myself that it just wouldn't be right to have a fancy dress, fancy shoes and no hair toy.  I didn't like the ones that were available, so I took off the provided pouf and stitched a lovely little bow and some sparkly silver beads onto it so that it coordinated quite nicely.  I must say it is darling and she looks quite fetching with it on.  Not that this will become a habit, mind you.  I will post pictures of her entire ensemble tomorrow.

I also made some rice krispy treats.  Actually, I invented "Neapolitan" Rice Krispy treats.  I had bought marshmallows for s'mores, but there were many left over.  The store had different flavored 'mallows, so I had original flavor, strawberry and caramel. I added a few drops of food coloring so that we would be sure to know the difference, 
and they fit perfectly in my pyrex casserole dish!
So, along with my flower arranging and grape salad making, which I'll post pix of with my Easter blogge; this is my prep work.  Hope everyone's Easter is full of pastel wishes and chocolate-y dreams!    

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  1. Those rice krispy treats were super yummy- I wish I'd taken some for the road....
    Also- Dorothy was the picture of Easter adorableness in her ensemble- she stole the show.