Monday, September 21, 2009


Everything seems awesome right now. My long wait for my twin sister celenajustine to move into my neighborhood is finally at a close (they move in tomorrow!). My daughter can now grow up with her cousin Max just a short walk away.

I finally have gotten back into making ornaments, prepping for the Christmas season, and the last one I made turned out better than I'd hoped and is inspiring me to try more things with similar designs. (It's always nice when an art project begets other art projects). Methinks I will title this one Briar Rose. It makes me think of Mackintosh roses and faerie tales and Trina Schart Hyman's art, so that's pretty boss. work got featured in THREE treasuries this week!!!

I was going to be excited about just one, but 3 is even better. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come and my little shoppe will start to make itself profitable. Thanks so much to the Etsy sellers who chose my pieces for their treasuries!
It really IS an honor just to be nominated!


  1. Thanks for the link--I really love your store and would love to know what advice you have for getting featured in treasuries! It's clearly something you have a knack for:)

  2. Thank you so much for the feature, that is so sweet of you!
    I love your Work and I am shore you will get in allot of more Treasury`s and up many Front Page:)

  3. You have such a beautiful and unique art, I'm sure your store will take off soon!
    And I love your ornament too! gorgeous!

    Keep the awesome-ness!! :)

  4. EEEEEeeee! Etsy love is too too much! Thanks so much to all you guys; I'm feeling soooo encouraged and motivated now!

  5. congrats on the treasuries!

    you were on the front page again a few days ago...did you know that? i have a screen shot of it if you didn't catch it. let me know, i can email it to you.

    your ornament is tres pretty!!! makes me think of the pierre de ronsard roses...i saw them all over portland when i was there and they make me cringe, they're so beautiful. seriously...they're like fairytale roses come to life. check it out:



  6. I'd never heard of these roses before! Thanks for the links Kaite-y, I love learning new things. I also love any flower that looks like it has too many petals!