Thursday, September 17, 2009


So, I'm still being fairly good about focusing on my shoppe and gleaning what I can from the internet sources at least once a week or so. (When I'm not having to take my baby girl to the ER!) She's doing well now, so I'm looking back at my shoppe and thinking about what I can do to not neglect it as I prepare for (hopefully) a winter show.
I look at tips from other sellers and have a hard time picturing myself actually doing a lot of what they advise. Everyone loves twitter it seems but myself. I can't remember my password anyway, so, even if you want to follow my exceedingly rare "tweets", you're out of luck. I feel pretty accomplished just doing a semi-regular blog and keeping a presence on Etsy, Flickr and Facebook. Which brings me to the title of this post. Someone I was reading tips from advised doing a daily blog post. Daily?! I can hardly muster a weekly one. Maybe this will change when my daughter goes to school, but I've got other stuff to do too! Are other people doing daily posts? How does it work out for you? Do you think it makes a big difference? What do you write about? I'm just curious.
Another tip I've seen multiple times is to create a fanpage on Facebook. Has anyone else done this? Is it useful? I'm an extremely reluctant computer user/networker, but am not wanting to miss out on anything that is really great.

I'm a bit sidetracked right now with a bit of DIY fever. My across the street neighbor recently moved out after 15 yrs. of living there with his wife and daughters and we were able to score several items from his garage clear out. I got a tiny toy piano and painted in purple (teachable moment: Purple Piano). Am currently repainting a cabinet which I plan to use in her room for toys and puzzles. Had some pale blue paint left over and thought of a Cloud Cabinet design which I'm itching to finish. Thought it would just be a simple prime/paint job, but it got a wee bit more drawn out because, being a handmade cabinet, the doors, once painted, became too tight a fit to close properly. In comes arranging to borrow a sander from my father, then waiting for a time when watching baby girl will allow for sanding in the garage to commence. Also, an additional plank of wood had to be attached to the bottom of said cabinet so that, when opened, the doors had enough clearance for the carpet in her room. So, am currently waiting for the hopefully final coat of blue paint to dry and for night time, so I'll have the luxury of time to paint little fluffy clouds all over it.

Currently in garage, awaiting renovation/TLC are an easel and a child's table and chairs set. Inspirado has not taken ahold of me yet on these two because she won't be able to use them for awhile yet and they will be even better once I have a studio with a child's art area set up.
The studio has a framed out wall finally, but progress is slow. Steady, but slow.

Dicey's also been invited to a cowgirl themed birthday party. I recently acquired some hand-me-downs from Katinkapinka's nephew; one of which was a cute plaid shirt in pale colors. It was a decidedly boy-cut shirt, which would be fine, but I have a super skinny and tall baby girl and wanted to take it in a bit to suit her frame. Have also added a few touches of lace. Once finished and paired with her denim jumper, this will be the perfect outfit for such an event. I have it pinned very succesfully, so am eager to see how it actually turns out once I start sewing it. It will be my first foray into sewing for my daughter and I'm very excited about it. I see all these adorable dresses on Etsy, some created out of old men's shirts and am set aflame with a need to try it on my own. I especially love this upcycled tuxedo shirt dress by allthenumbers I also have a reversible pinafore pattern and some great left over fabric from curtains that are burning a hole in my ability to focus on more immediate tasks. Meanwhile, my machine is amidst a pile of disorganization on a table that was temporarily set up in my garage as a work space, even without a/c, but is now pushed aside and unusable. I'm going to have to lug the machine inside to my kitchen table and I'm just in denial about it right now.

I totally thought this would be a short post, but, as I write, I find more and more things I feel the need to discuss. Am trying in vain to distract Dicey while I write as she woke up earlier than I'd hoped from her nap. This is my one opportunity to go to the grocery store and I just found out that I burned the rice I was making for her because I plain forgot about it. Maybe more frequent posts ARE in order. Argh.


  1. I think you have plenty to say if you wanted to. I don't think daily is necessary but I try for at least 4 or 5 posts a week. I tend to not do much on the computer on the weekends and reserve those days for knitting as much as possible.
    If you could get in even 3 posts a week I think you would see an increase in readers. You have an interesting voice for sure. Look at it this way, you could have broken this post up into at least 2 different ones if you had wanted to. The DIY shots deserved their own post in my opinion. That would have been 2 right there. People just like to see something new when they click on your page, that keeps them coming back for more.

  2. Lenox knits has a good point- maybe you can sit down and write more shorter ones all at once, save them and then just parcel them out through the week?

  3. Thanks Lenox and celenajustine! It's been hard because I really prefer to not be on the computer, but I think it's time and this posting has made it clearer to me that I could probably do it without too much ado. Thanks so much for reading and commenting!