Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big plans

Alright, so I've got big plans a-brewing.  Well, they may not seem big right now, but they could be and will be if I get my way.  Being a SAHM is an interesting shift for me.  I love it and feel very fortunate to be able to do it.  It gives me options though, instead of excuses.  

I have so many things that I want to accomplish and different directions I need to be headed, with a baby on top; I was getting a big disheartened and lost in the mix.  I am torn constantly between giving my baby all the attention she deserves (and demands these days with the early crawling/attempts to walk!), working on my art, keeping my house clean, cooking, revamping/maintaining my yard, working on my online presence as an etsy store and keeping up with friends, family and my husband.  I have the vestiges of a superwoman complex, so I expect great things from myself and am always disappointed a little that I don't constantly amaze myself.

Daughter has taken to trolling the floors for fluff and schmutz to put in her mouth, which has made me realize just how much fluff and schmutz is everywhere in my house!  This has made housekeeping forefront in my mind.  I am not a germ-a-phobe, quite the contrary, but no one wants their baby to chew on a wad of hair/lint/plastic as though it were chewing tobacoo.  (thankfully she didn't choke!)  So, I've decided to start systematizing things a bit.  I know I should go do the flylady thing, but I can't really stand looking at the character long enough to get very much out of that website; maybe someday I will.  KatinkaPinka gave advice of picking a day to be your cleaning day so that you wouldn't feel guilty other days and you would have time allotted for things, etc.  That sounded more my speed, at least for getting started.

This is the first week of doing things this way, so all this is subject to change. :D*

MondayCleaning Day.  Any free time I get will be spent cleaning.  ('any free time I get' being the operative phrase!)  I did get some stuff accomplished, but had to leave several jobs only partly done.  Hopefully I will get better at this once I have a few weeks under my belt.  I did clean many floors and feel better about the amount of crap that my baby can find now.

General tidying and cleaning is supposed to happen during the rest of the week as well.  This is still a bit of a stumbling block for me.

Morning= Yoga at Sundara Yoga Therapy!  Some "me" time as well as being a way for me to take care of my body so that I am better able to do all the things that are needed of me.  This place is great.  Best teachers evar and super good prices/policies!  Nice, nice folks! 

Yay, time for crafting as much as possible mixed with husband's typical off day.

Wednesday= Gymboree for the babe.  This makes me feel better about the other times in the week when I can't be a constant source of amusement for my child.

More crafting time mixed with husband's typical off day.

Thursday= Internet business day.  A day for me to go through all the emails, blogs, websites etc. that help me to further my online business venture.  Hopefully this will mean a regular weekly blog from me as well, as opposed to my rather spotty efforts thus far.  I do have a baby though...

I also have to steal moments during the rest of the week to keep up with personal internet nonsense.

morning= Another yoga day!  This may seem excessive, but I frequently don't make it to one or both of my yoga days, so having two as an option is great.  Also, my body is pretty lame.  I have joint problems and back problems and feel older than I am, so any time I can give to doing something physical and good for my body is a good idea.

Afternoon= another Gymboree day for baby!
Any free time for art.

Saturday = Gymboree again.  This may also sound excessive, but because my daughter is in the level 2 group (6-10 mos.) She can go to all the classes that suit her age group for the same price as going just once a week costs for the other age groups.  Why?  Because that age group is going through such rapid development and growth that they want those kids to get as much stimulation and experiences as they can.  Pretty rad, no?  It's also great as a SAHM who is not much of a joiner to have a place where I can meet other parents of similarly aged babies and have my daughter around said babies.

Any free time for art.

Sunday= Free time for art etc.

I also have my sister's fambly over regularly and like to cook and bake and go places I'm invited, so all this schedule is with giant grains of salt, but hopefully will be a step in the right direction.  I'm trying to make many ornaments for (hopefully!) being in the Cherrywood Art Fair this year with celenajustine and it's going slowly but fairly steadily. 

I'm taking the fact that I found out I was included in a lovely treasury today as a good omen.

Gotta go, baby woke up!  I had more to say, but I think I got the gist across...


  1. Those ARE big plans. I am now lame. Your ball really stands out in that treasury and looks gorgeous. I should really hatch some plans of my own- way to show everyone up. :D

  2. sounds like you've got the ball rolling! keep up the good work---it will all come together!