Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm still here

I have sadly fallen off the blogge wagon in a big way; but I wanted to assure you all that it is a temporary situation. Still having major issues finding a balance that I can achieve on a regular basis of family/housework/art/on-line business/cooking/yard and house maintenance. I'm at a loss as to why this isn't every person's constant concern.
I am feeling pretty good today about it all. A little more Stepford than usual. I cleaned my floors today (mostly) with my new Shark steam mop. I was pretty happy with the Swiffer WetJet, but unhappy with the disposable pads that get used up pretty quickly and the cleaning solution that I didn't know was totally safe for baby or not. The Shark one uses steam, so no chemicals, and has washable pads. It seemed to do the job pretty well and was easier to scrub with than the Swiffer because the steam loosened the gunk up better.
I haven't messed with my Etsy shoppe in a long time either. I guess I've just been super focused in on my home/family life. The holidays were necessarily so, and I've just had a hard time getting back into a groove that isn't all about family and personal projects.
We've been busy with some much needed home improvements (though what we've done only scratches the surface of all that should be done!). We got new light fixtures for the kitchen, one which necessitated replacing part of the ceiling, which necessitated a "kill room" set up a la Dexter (Bryan's and my latest obsession, we're finishing Season 3 tonight!). It's pretty exciting after years of a ceiling with stains and holes and inadequate light, then months of a ceiling with stains and more holes and a fluorescent light nailed to the wall in my kitchen to finally have appropriate lighting. Don't have an "after" pic yet, because we haven't finished the ceiling off yet. Planning on getting the imitation pressed tin ceiling tiles. My inspiration for the kitchen since getting the new (old!) pantry has been the old free-standing Swensen's Ice Cream parlor.
We also put up a coat rack and curtains in the living room. Part of the wall is officially up in my studio-to-be. I finally got some bins for my laundry room shelf too. All the projects have been small, but those little things really add up!
Been working on art for present-type items, so no pics right now of that, but am excited to get back into the swing of things again soon. Thanks for reading and being patient with me as I figure out this whole life/motherhood/artist/wife thing!


  1. oh the daily stuff is always a concern to me. i try to do a little tidy-ing up here and there, as i go along...just tell yourself, okay if i just tidy up this one corner it'll only take 5 minutes. it really adds up by the end of the week!

    can't wait to see your new kitchen light!

    i am wondering how i, myself, am going to balance everything if we end up getting to adopt jj. i think i am going to have to go renegade-pioneer style and just strap him to body so he can go where i go. surely easier said than done, but that's my theory so far.

  2. errrr, that should've read, "strap him to MY body"

    but strapping him to anybody's body might work, too.

  3. Ha! I read it the right way anyway. I think a leash would be easier on your back, save the lashing together of bodies for those really hazardous chores. I'm amazed by the position that you're in right now, it must be really intense. When are you and yr mom going to Georgia?

  4. just my mom's going to georgia. the court date is march 2nd. that's pretty much all i can say publicly right now. i mean, i could talk to you about it in person, just not on the interwebs.

    supposedly baby 'wearing' is good for the kiddo. even into toddler years. and i think if i make a linen sling and position him on my hip it won't be so bad. when i carry him now, it's really my arms more than my back that get to we'll see how it goes. or what even happens custody-wise.

  5. oh, totally wear him as much as you can, Dicey doesn't care to be "worn" for very long is the reason I suggested a leash; plus I thought it was funny. Wishing you and your family smooth sailing and a happy, healthy situation for JJ in the end.