Wednesday, November 11, 2009


My best friend and one of the Godmothers to my daughter, Nathalie, had to move away from Austin to San Antonio a couple of months after her own daughter was born, who is now only 4.5 mos. old. My husband, Dicey and I went to visit them.

They are renting a house with well established landscaping, the showiest of which were the zinnias which joyfully crowded their front walk. I felt like sharing these with you.

I've recently become quite fond of zinnias. I purchased some on clearance at my local megalo hardware store and they went ape in my front yard. Then they shriveled up and turned brown. I pulled them up by the roots, but more popped up with our little second summer here in Texas. It seems like they spread, which, with their happy color and jubilant tiny flowers in the centers, could only be good as far as I can tell. I love the red one's little flower crown and how the pink one just has the one tiny fleur. So fun! Zinnia Love!


  1. such a gorgeous post! These pictures are loverly and I'm so glad you had a nice time- it looks like everyone was so happy.

  2. zinnias are wonderous fleurs! instead of pulling them up next time, just chop them down and leave them there. they make little seeds in their crowns and will happily run wild in your yard if you let them. p.s. the more sun the have, the happier they are. ♥ love to miss nathalie + fambly!

  3. thanks for the zinnia tips Miss Kaite!