Thursday, May 14, 2009

So, my first mother's day came and went without much ado.  I didn't get a formal pressie from husband, but, better than that, it marks the beginning of officially moving forward on renovating our garage into a studio!  The best mother's day present I could hope for.  

(Though when I did feel veeerrrry tired and low and headache-y, the Bears came and made my mother's day, while Bry was at work, as nice as possible, and we had a lovely morning with our mum at her house.)  

This is a project that I have been wistful about since we bought the house 4 yrs. ago.  Yay!  So, along with the fact that her baby was born a bit early, I had another reason to finish up my quasi quilt for Zoe quickly.  Bryan stayed up with me (so did Dicey!) for a long while as I worked in the garage late at night with the door open, sewing like the wind and thanking my lucky stars that my vague memories of quilting a tool cozy for a college draping class basically worked in informing my approach to finishing off the mini-blanket.  We had a fun time, Bryan holding D and playing with her in the grass until she finally went down for good, and then sitting on the car and sketching ideas and chatting with me so I wouldn't be spooked or harassed by the mentally handicapped teen boy that roams our street in the evenings.  We stayed up until 2 am!  But the quilt was done to my satisfaction and we got to deliver it to baby and mama the very next day.  Ah the glory of promised baby projects done before it's too late!  

Note: Bryan and I threw a baby shower for Zoe, one of the godmothers of our baby girl, that had an "Eco" theme along with pointing out that Zoe was wanting some black and white things for baby stimulation.  (What's black and white and green all over? was the line on the invite)  the activity was for people to decorate fabric squares with fabric being recycled from Half Price Books tee shirts.  So, completely using fabric that was already in my house, save for the batting and interfacing, I made this "eco-chic" version of a playmat for baby.  I even used the little scrappies that were cut along the way to pad out the border.  Fun!

So, now that my project that has been occupying my un-air-conditioned garage makeshift work area is finished, we can clear out the garage and start building a wall and putting in outlets and such so that a new era of my projecting can be ushered in.  No more transported messes migrating through the house!  No more using the front room as storage for all my homeless craftiness!  No more worrying about critters making their way into my things left out in the garage!  No more needles left out where Pete will make off with them!  No more woefully unused storage bins!  Oh the things I will be able to make, I can barely contain myself while I begin the probably lengthy process of getting the space to be actually workable.
I know some gal pals are itching for craft nights to be reinstated as well and have been hinting at having them at my place, but oh how glorious will it be to have craft nights in the studio someday!  Yippee!


  1. SO happy for you! I know that Jack and Dad will be over there lots working on this so I'm sure I'll be involved as well- Do you have more tape for your label maker? You'll need it! Yikes! I did not know about your street wanderer!

  2. congrats! it always feels good to have your own space!

  3. Is that the Transformers logo in the center!?!

  4. yes it is! Glen made the transformer, he did have a picture to look at though.